AMS software is simple yet complex. It is built using industry exclusive coding methods to reduce the footprint of the software. This allows quick navigation and flow of the user interface. AMS software is very easy to use and can help minimize daily hassles.

Here what our customers say about us:

“Out of the 3 systems I have used in my rural health clinic, AMS is by far the most user friendly, the best in customer service, and it gets the job done! AMS is also the best for processing claims and support on claims. With another company it took me 9 months to get insurance companies to pay, but with AMS I was paid in 2 weeks!”
RHC Administrator, SC

“We enjoy working with AMS. Their patient statements are easy to understand and they are always available to answer any questions we may have. They are a local company and they understand what great service is all about.”
Chuck Shelton – Practice Administrator
Bakersville Community Medical Clinic, RHC

“We have been using AMS for 19 years. We have found it to be very user friendly and the customer service is excellent! Another thing we like about AMS is they update the software to meet the rapid changes in the health care field on a regular basis.”
Dr. Robert Van Note
Wilmington, NC

“AMS Software is user friendly. The support staff is great!”
Clinton Surgical Associates
Clinton, NC

“I would recommend AMS Software to anyone! The system is so easy to use and the support we have received from AMS is wonderful! Changing Practice Management systems is not something I was looking forward to, but AMS made the transition very easy!”
Tracey Proctor, Office Manager
Rural Health Clinic
Barnwell, SC

“AMS is an ideal Practice Management system for Rural Health Clinics. It is user friendly and easy to navigate. AMS also offers a great support team to help resolve any issues. I would strongly recommend this company to any physician office.”
Jennifer, Office Manager
Rural Health Clinic
Edgefield, SC