SOAP Notes
made easy

Workflow Optimization for organizations of any size

No More Paper

Our EHR is designed to save you the boxes of paper clinics go through every year.

Less Work - More Detail

Our system allows you to quickly generate paragraphs in seconds as you go through your visit with your patient.

Your words or Ours

You can fully customize your SOAP Notes so that they are in your voice or feel free to use ours. Our notes were written and approved by respected professionals in your field.


The problem with paper and even other EHR systems is a lack of customizability. Our system lets you not only define the answers, but the questions as well!

Choose the perfect plan

On Site or On the Cloud

Our EHR system allows you to choose whether you want to keep your data on site or on our state of the art Cloud Platform. We want you to be able to work in a way that is comfortable for you. 

Frequently asked questions

Workflow optimization is improving an existing workflow. Improvements are generally through modifying existing tasks so that they are quicker or use less resources. 

Our design philosophy is “Everything we do must make the providers life easier and more efficient.” 

Setup takes as long as you need it to. After the initial installation you are good to start noting with our professionally developed library, however you can spend as long as you want customizing the system to your needs. 

We have designed the software for use with multidisciplinary offices. Chiropractic, x-ray, massage, therapy or any other procedures can be set up to have their own questions, notes and more. If your office wants to provide the service to your customers, we want to support it. 

The Doctors Access SOAP Notes program was born out of the needs of the providers we work with on a daily basis. 

Our team is always looking for new ideas, if there is a feature you need or love please share it with us! Our Provider Partners drive our software forward. 

Our clients say

"The program is easy to use. It is arranged so the staff can navigate it easily. They can make changes and customize the program to fit the way the doctor wants the reports to appear and to say the information exactly the way he want it said.”
D. Redus
"Doctors Access software has operated beyond my expectations. Customizing our software to fit the way we practice was so simple. I really like being able to just glance at the screen and know why my patients are coming to see me."
Dr. C. Shapiro