Communicate With Your Patients

Appointments. New Products. Targeted Marketing. 

Be a Patient Outreach Machine

Between our market research, and speaking with our most successful clients, we have found that our most successful clients are the ones that stay in contact with their patients.  

We've included the tools you need

  • Text Reminders
  • Email Reminders
  • Product and Service Marketing based on previous diagnoses
  • Patient Recall Marketing

Our system allows for better patient review captures. 

Clinics live and die off of their review scores. Be honest, when you are looking for a new place to eat or visit, the first place you turn to is Google. Our system makes it easy for both you and and your patients. 

Increase Trust

88% of consumers have used reviews for local businesses. 72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust local businesses. 

Increase Exposure and SEO

Your Google reviews are a key component in how likely you are to show up in a search. Even if you have good reviews, few reviews mean you are less likely to be seen.

Convert More Customers

As shown above, consumers trust other consumers. Good reviews alone can convert potential leads into life long customers. 

Increase your Review Scores Overnight