RHC’s do not have to cringe at the thought of Flu and Pneumonia Season this year and how to receive payment for these services. As billing specialist the Flu and Pneumonia can attack us professionally just as it can physically if the right plan of action is not taken.

Insure you are properly prepared professionally for this dilemma by logging all Flu and Pneumonia patients on the appropriate logs and maintain them in a safe place. Keying these injections into your software system is always a safe plan of action just making sure you zero your charge.  While drinking plenty of fluids and rest may save you physically, billing these injections will not keep you protected professionally. As for the Medicare Advantage Plan patients, you will need to bill these injections to the appropriate plans.

To ensure you receive the revenue you are entitled to for these injections simply turn in your Flu and Pneumonia logs with your cost reports and every year end.  If this plan of action is taken you will no longer have to cringe at the thought of Flu and Pneumonia season.

Be Financially Prepared for Flu and Pneumonia Season