Glenn A. Samia, Founder/Chief Technical Officer
Serving as a pioneer in the Healthcare IT space for more than 25 years, Glenn has overseen the development of a comprehensive suite of software solutions for medical practices that are utilized by thousands of offices across the country. Glenn is an alumnus of NC State University where he received his BS in Computer Engineering. He serves on many technology advisory boards including the ECPI Technical College board of advisers. Glenn is married with three kids and enjoys being outdoors and spending time relaxing and traveling with family and friends.

Matt C. Kannan, Chief Operating Officer
Most recently serving as Director of Business Development at AMS Software, Matt successfully developed strategic relationships with several healthcare organizations in the southeast which work in partnership with AMS to provide a unique solution set to hundreds of medical practices. He is an alumnus of UNC Wilmington where he received his BS in Business Finance. Matt is married with two kids, and enjoys cooking, sporting events, church and reading.

Paul A. Samia, Client Consultant
Paul was most recently VP of sales at AMS Software where he led the company in sales for 10 consecutive years.Paul currently serves on many healthcare advisory boards including the National Association of Rural Health Clinics Conference Planning Committee and local NC Rural Health Clinic Board of Directors.Paul is an alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He is married with two kids and enjoys sports.


Alan Winchester
Serving AMS as a business advisor through the Alternative Board (, Alan brings a wealth of knowledge from more than 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in the  Healthcare IT space. As a co-founder of the software giant Medic Computer Systems, Alan helped pave the way for some of the earliest implementations of Practice Management and EHR solutions for medical practices in the US. Alan also held executive positions at Raleigh based firms A4 health systems, Canopy Systems and RxMedic.